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I could not take it anymore. Pandemic or no pandemic. I had to get away so get away I have done. Vacation with a couple of my best friends to Texas, New Mexico and everywhere in between. Rebecca and I have vacationed many times with our vacation buddies but this one has been different. Oh we have still had a wonderful time but vacations during a pandemic is challenging. This probably wasn’t the best time to take a vacation because a lot of places were still closed especially in New Mexico. The scenery and weather weren’t closed and it was beautiful.

One thing I did notice were different places and how they relate to wearing a face coverings. Over the past month, media reports have noted that the decision to wear a mask in public has become a political or social statement for some people. The mask is increasingly a symbol of the debate between those willing to follow health officials’ guidance and cover their faces versus those who feel it violates their freedom or signifies a danger that they think is overblown. The mask is now like it seems as everything is a political and cultural flashpoint, underscoring the polarization afflicting every corner of American life. Dr. Anthony Fauci, is encouraging Americans to wear masks. He thinks it is effective. I know it probably not 100 percent effective. I mean, it’s sort of respect for another person, and have that other person respect you. You wear a mask, they wear a mask, you protect each other.”In other words, it can save lives. I’ve been wearing them here in New Mexico only when I go into buildings. I think such polarization benefits no one. I’m sure it’s counterproductive for people wearing masks to snap at people who are not wearing them and visa versa but again this is where we are in this country. I also don’t understand why COVID-19 was a big deal and then for two weeks when this country was protesting it wasn’t even though thousands of people were arm and arm, with or without mask and suddenly it was like COVID-19 didn’t exist. Now two weeks later the protest have waned and BOOM………COVID-19 is a big deal again. America baby, the land of hypocrisy.

I have learned a lot while on this vacation. Getting up at 3:00 am isn’t that bad when you start on a vacation and watching the sun come up in Alabama is really nice. I never realized how big Texas was. Satan has to have residence in Lubbock, Texas, the worst city I have ever seen in my life. I’d never live in Louisiana. There are roads actually as bad as South Carolina……..Hello Mississippi. Grasshoppers taste like dirt. If COVID 19 was truly a virus that caused everyone to die who contracted it, there would be a lot of land in Texas available and Fort Worth would be a ghost town. “I’m not wearing a silly mask” as I was told. I learned you better wear your mask in New Mexico or you possibly could face a firing squad. I learned never to take your thermos into a Velero gas station in New Mexico and try to put ice in it. You will get yelled at. I learned how I would react in a active shooter situation at a bar. Order two high gravity beers instead of one. I learned Joni can walk really fast when she thinks there is a sniper lurking about. I learned that I can get really tired of beans and my wife Rebecca is glad I can get really tired of beans because they are really popular in these parts. I have seen that Santa Fe is truly a beautiful city, unlike any I have seen. I wish “the rona” wasn’t around because most activities are still non existent. Same with Taos. I’ve learned that there really is something to the dry heat. I have yet to sweat. There is very little humidity. I can dig that. I’ve learned that Prairie dogs are really cute but like squirrels they do not value their life. I learned that when Cecil drives you can get to Texas relatively fast. I learned drinking too many margaritas will give you heartburn. I’ve learned that doing without TV is a great thing and one I intend to continue to try to do when I get home. I’ve learned that I really miss the monster Arlo but most of all I have learned that people are very friendly all over the country and in the midst of this pandemic and unrest that I wish people would just turn off the news and plant a garden.

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