Big Big Bob Gibson

I stumbled across  BBQ sauce crack at “The Local Cue” in Greenville.  I am not very big on bar food however if you want something different and different I mean these guys smoke their own wings and that come from big chickens. They also have Brisket Nachos, BBQ Benedict, Chilaquiles, Pork and Collard Spring Rolls with, Memphis Red, SC Gold, NC Vinegar, blackberry habanero, Korean BBQ, Singapore BBQ sauces.  This place is numero uno in Greenville for bar food.  But what makes this BBQ kick is the “White Sauce”!!!!!! Made from Duke’s Mayo, (there is no other) horseradish, vinegar, lemon juice, sugar  as well as other things that I have tried to perfect.  

Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q began bottling their Original White Sauce in the mid-90s. It’s now available in grocery stores in Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia and Florida, as well as specialty shops across the country.  

In their restaurants, Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q uses the sauce as fast as they can make it. Each smoked chicken that comes off the pit in the pit room gets dipped in a vat of white barbecue sauce. “It gives it a good coating and it keeps the chicken from drying out while we hold it on the service line,”  They don’t do another sauce application until it gets to the table out front where the customer can add more white sauce if they want to.

Now, there are those that swear up and down that Big Bob didn’t start the Alabama White Sauce craze in Alabama but when you think of Alabama White Sauce, Big Bob Gibson’s name will pop up. You can go online and get several variations of it.  I’ve had different versions.  Eating it is was like the first time I had guacamole. I had to close my eyes because it looked like my friends daughters diaper. That sauce just looks like somebody spooged all over the chicken but my oh my this is some good sauce and the Local Cue   – 30 Orchard Park Dr, Suite 7, Greenville, South Carolina 29615 – does there version of the  white sauce right, plus they have 20 or so taps. Believe me, it’s the greatest BBQ sauce ever.  

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