R U Challenged?

I was on Facebook the other day and saw where there latest gimmick was “Facebook 10 Year Challenge.” It’s then and now picturesPeople are instructed to post their first profile picture alongside their current profile picture, or a picture from 10 years ago alongside their current profile picture. I have several reasons for not participating in this so called challenge. First of all this is a challenge to what. A challenge to not look older the next 10 years as I have this 10 years? I don’t need a reminder to see that. I am reminded of that daily. I am fatter, less hair and what is there is gray and I swear my ears are getting bigger with more bushy eyebrows and nose hair. As of yet nothing growing out of my ears. So it is pretty much to show how hot we were and continue to be or how hot we are now. Secondly, I just don’t trust Facebook. I’m sure that somehow they are using facial recognition technology for some sort of evil.


What it did do was it found me thinking about the last 10 years of my life. I look at the picture Rebecca took at Hilton Head years ago and see the changes that has taken place since then. I also think about the fish that was missed. So how has your 10 years been? If we were to take a picture of your life from 2009 and then 2019, would your picture remain the same for those 10 years or would it have shown a picture of change as a person.

The late, great Guy Clark wrote a wonderful song, “My Favorite Picture of You” The cover of the album has Clark holding up his favorite picture of his wife, Susanna, just as the song says. The picture was taken after she had returned home one day to find Clark and fellow Texas songwriter, Townes Van Zandt, drunk once again, and she was ready to leave him because of it. She stormed out the front door, which is when the picture was taken. That’s the song in a nutshell, and in it Clark struggles to sort out his emotions about his late wife; what emerges is one of the most honest love songs ever written. She moved out of the house for 4 years while he battled drugs and alcohol but she came back when he quit and stayed together until her death. I would have loved to had seen Guy Clark’s then and now life picture of his last 10 years. You are missed.

What kind of impact have I made on this life. I would hope it has been a positive one. You only have been given one shot at it. Is the world going to better off because of my existence on this planet or am I just here existing. What impact have you made? But Mr. Gasbag what can I do? Here are just a few things.

1. Donate blood. You could help save more than one life with just one donation.

2. Connects with people with organizations with local events that match your interests.

3. Offer your skills: Become a mentor or tutor to someone who would benefit from your experience. 

4. Fill a new or gently used knapsack with toiletry items and give it to a homeless person — or donate directly to a local shelter or soup kitchen.

5. Help someone get active — offer to walk with a friend or sign up for physical activity together. 

6. Give your time and undivided attention to a child. 

7. Drop off “Secret Santa” gifts to an elder care home or hospital — many seniors are alone over the holiday season and don’t have gifts to open. 

8. Volunteer to do yard work or shovel snow at an elderly neighbor’s house. 

9. Spend time with a senior and listen to their stories. 

10. Help your kids organize a can food drive. Daily Bread Ministries will take all the canned food you can raise.

11. Buy gift certificates from your grocery store and donate to a local Food Bank.

12. Offer to babysit for a couple or a single parent who don’t get out often. 

13. Send an encouraging message or handwritten note card to someone going through a difficult time. 

14. Donate cat and dog food to an animal shelter. 

15.  Be an organ donor. 

16. Help end childhood hunger in your own backyard

What will your life picture look like when Facebook has their 20 year challenge? (If they are still around, I have my doubts) Physically there will be changes of course but will you be able to see the positive changes in your Life 20 year challenge. With all the darkness in the world, why not let your light shine. Make a difference.

Paul Thorn

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