I’ll wipe that smirk off……

I find myself fascinated about the uproar that a sixteen year old white kid from Kentucky with a smirk on his face wearing a MAGA hat has caused in this country. A two minute video has turned this country upside down. Networks have gone crazy over this white kid from Kentucky with the smirk on his face wearing a MAGA hat. Twitter has completely lost it’s mind over this white kid from Kentucky with the smirk on his face wearing a MAGA hat. The high school where this white kid from Kentucky with the smirk on his face wearing a MAGA hat attends has received bomb threats, families from Covington Catholic High have received death threats, all because of this white kid from Kentucky with the smirk on his face wearing a MAGA hat. A longer video appears to have shown that things aren’t always what they seem has not calmed the masses. This sixteen year old white kid from Kentucky with the smirk on his face wearing a MAGA is public enemy #1. These are truly perilous times in our country when this can happen.

We know that this is nothing about this kid from Kentucky but this is all about our seventy-two year old school boy in the White House. Truth is if this kid was not wearing a MAGA hat, Nathan Phillips the Native American in the video would have been ignored like we have been ignoring Native Americans for 243 years. This was never a legitimate news story to begin with. This is just one many stupid stories that has infected the media since President Trump was elected.  The worse offense I saw was the “Tomahawk Chop” and I see it every Saturday during Florida State games and the football team was a lot more offensive than the chop. Americans think the media is key to democracy — but many can’t name an objective news source. Personally, I get more out of “Babylon Bee” or “The Onion.”

In a sane world Nick Sandmann or Nathan Phillips would have just been two ships that passed through the night and what happened during those couple of minutes would not have mattered but we don’t live there anymore. Everything, is seen now through their own biases and if you are a pro-life, MAGA-hat-wearing, white male from rural Kentucky in today’s climate……… Screwed. Our social media mob has to come to an end. Social media has also brought out the worst in many of us. We are regularly under informed and we turn into these pundits and commentators that rush to the quickest of snap judgments before the facts are barely known. I have been guilty of that as well but let’s make no mistake this is all about the hatred of Donald Trump. The left got this wrong in my gasbagging opinion. They stuck there hand in a mouse trap and it went off. Nobody wins in this. Left or right. We all lose. More division of our broken down dialogue in our country.

As ridiculous as this story has become and seems to be getting more stupid daily, it may be taking a turn for the even stupider than it is now if at all possible. I read where President Trump may invite the Covington kids (hopefully not wearing their MAGA hats) to the White House. I can only hope that is “Fake News” but this sounds so President Trumpish that more than likely it is real. Lord help us. So I guess I will just sit back , wait on baseball season and watch my Braves and “chop on.”

One response to “I’ll wipe that smirk off……”

  1. The Democrats keep giving us presents. First, then-Democrat-Senate-Majority-Leader Dick Durbin gave us the nuclear option. Next, they gave us the blueprint for invalidating any election by giving us the “Resist” movement (which branched off into this).

    Now, believe it or not, they are invalidating their own MeToo movement by promoting Kamala Harris while admitting that the only reason she moved into the spotlight was her relationship with (married) SF mayor Willie Brown.


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