So here we are. Pandemic 2020. If one thing we have learned through all of this is that people are f’ing crazy. Went to the grocery store yesterday to get some milk. Zero. Not even soy. That alone should tell us how whack people are. Now I know why the government is so secretive on Area 51. We couldn’t take it. I have heard ridicule of the current administration on handling this situation mostly by the Democrats and that doesn’t surprise me because if the shoe were on the other foot the GOP would doing the same thing. It’s where we are in this country. In defense of the President, how do you prepare for something like this. I think mistakes will be made and hopefully lessons will be learned when we have the next catastrophe. You can’t prepare for this. I will say that the states overall have done a outstanding job and that is the way it should be.

Rebecca and I have decided as much as we like trying different things, eating different foods and traveling to different places, we are going to hunker down. Work and necessities excluded. This too shall pass.

A lot of watching TV, reading books, listening to music, crossword puzzles, chasing my crazy dog, trying new recipes and other things. Which brings me to the purpose of writing this.

I love lists. Because I am at home today and bored, I thought I would share some of mine. I love to read and I love to eat. So many wonderful authors and many favorite recipes. Here are my top 3 of both. First the authors.

If you liked Justified you will love Ace Atkins. He is #1 on my list. The Quinn Colson series he writes will remind you of U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens. The best.

Number 2 would have to be David Baldacci. Too many books to list and too many different lead characters to write about. Amos Decker, Will Robie, John Puller, Atlee Pine and the newest series taking the readers back to the 1940’s with Aloysius Archer promises to lead to many more hours spent reading. Another thing that so great about this author is all the leads in the series of books are unique. What a talented author.

#3 was a hard choice. There is Ted Bell, John Grisham, Greg Iles but in a close one I’d give the nod to C.J.Box. The lead characters in his books are also in the late, Elmore Leonard mold (Justified). From Game Warden Joe Pickett series to the newest series with Detective Cassie Dewell, C.J. Box delivers. I like it too that his books are set in the Western part of the country.

I especially like books that take place in the South with southern authors. Classics like The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter, Prince of Tides, To Kill A Mockingbird and anything by William Faulkner. I can relate obviously to the South. Bored yet?

Another passion I have is cooking. I’m a foodie. So much so that we have the Steve Miller Dining Hall at the soup kitchen. I truly don’t know what they were thinking. I have come across some great recipes over the years and it truly is difficult to list a top 3 but I will try. I know you can’t wait.

#1 This is my go to meal. I have had people fight over the last patty. Once when I was cooking for a funeral for a friend during the service someone in the immediate family whispered to me, “Please tell me you made that Tex Mex stuff”. I nodded and he mouthed, ” I love that sh**.” It is all that. Make homemade mashed potatoes, and your best coleslaw and boom you have friends for life.

#2 I have eaten steaks at restaurants and though some are good and some not to good, without a doubt the best steak I have eaten has come out of my kitchen. You have to buy good meat. Not Walmart crap but a good steak from a butcher. Although Costco has good ones but that is out of the question because you would have to fight your way out because of the rampaging toilet paper idiots. Okay, good meat. Secondly it needs to be set out for 30 minutes at room temp. A must. Wipe off moisture and I season mine with salt, pepper, a little worcestershire and rub garlic clove all over it. Stick in fridge for a couple of hours and then do this. Unbelievable steak and again you will be loved by all.

#3 I have eaten spaghetti at restaurants and though some are good and some not to good, without a the best spaghetti I have eaten has come out of my kitchen. The key about a good spaghetti is following this recipe. Period. Remember use Italian Sausage. You will be loved.

These are my best 3. There are others. My wife makes the best Shrimp and Grits. It’s all about the grits, ya’ll. Cream Cheese. A good friend of mine Cecil, who is a great cook makes without a doubt the best hamburger I have ever eaten and he has this Cowboy Baked Bean recipe that is unbelievable.

That is it. A couple of hours well spent. I truly enjoy writing. I missed my calling. In a day where the newspapers and magazines are dying it is good to have a avenue where you can express thoughts and ideas. Stay safe and as I said earlier, this is going to pass and lets focus not on the bad. It will drive us crazy but there are a awful lot of good stories in this perilous time. Americans come together, that’s who we are. We will rise from this and be better for it.

3 responses to “Pandemania”

  1. Again great blogging!!
    Going to read Ace Atkins & try the Recipes, Dan will thank you! 👍
    Stay well!
    Miss y’all!


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