Pandemaniahhhh, Isolation, Ignorance and the Quest for Toilet Paper

So here we are. The crazy people are all around. We wonder why the government holds things from us? Now we know. For the life of me do not understand the toilet paper phenomenon. Granted there have been times that I would have paid ten dollars a square but this isn’t one of those times. My concern is that all the big companies will now rush to manufacture toilet paper, and there will soon be too much of it and the toilet paper market will collapse and thousands of investors will be Wiped Clean. Get it????? Wiped clean?

The pandemic has also proved things that I already knew. The main thing is that social distancing should be something we practice at all times. I have been practicing it with my family for years. Ignorance and isolation. You can’t scare people who don’t get enough information to be scared. I have quit looking at The Drudge Report, Huffington Post and all the others and have seriously considered deleting my facebook account. There are benefits to removing oneself from social media during a global pandemic. Ignorance runs rampant on social media during a pandemic……ignorance runs rampant on social media all the time. Who am I kidding.

I thought I would continue my list of top three’s. During a pandemic I know people watch a lot of TV. You have your obvious choices of “Power Watching ” programs. Breaking Bad, Justified, Sons Of Anarchy but there are some that are truly on the level that are very underrated. What are those you might ask?

No particular order but one of the best of those is Rectify. Rotten Tomatoes gave this show a 95% and it is worth of that. It is about a convict who spent 19 years on death row is released and must reindoctrinate himself into society and reacquaint himself with his family in a small Georgia town. His efforts to make a new life won’t be easy, as the politician who was instrumental in putting him behind bars makes it his business to see that he gets sent back to jail. This show has a special meaning for me because The Innocence Project helped with this show and for those that don’t know about the work they do, please click onto the link and learn. I have been giving to this organization for years and you should too.

Another underrated TV show was In Plain Sight. It came on the USA network back in 2008 and was on for five years. It follows U.S. Marshal (Mary Shannon) who protects federal witnesses while dealing with her dysfunctional family and friends. This was a outstanding show. Power watching worthy.

My final binge worth show is The Man in the High Castle. There has never been another show quite like this one. Remember when watching…..Pay Attention. This show is a alternative web TV series on Amazon Prime. In the parallel universe, Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan have divided the USA into territories. The series starts in 1962 and follows characters whose destinies intertwine when they come into contact with newsreels and home movies that show Germany and Japan losing the war. The title of the series refers to the mysterious figure believed to have created the footage. I know this wouldn’t be for everyone but it’s my list. I thought this show was fascinating and it also made you think. I’ll throw a couple more in, Bloodline, The Americans, Longmire and Bosch.

I love music and music gets me through some tough days sometimes. I like all kinds of music. My playlist ranges from 2Pac to Dwight Yokum and everywhere in between. A therapist friend of mine wants to see me based on my music playlist on my iphone. There are many artist who would be in my list and here is three that is worth listening to.

No particular order but one of my favorites is Jason Isbell, I remember seeing him at the Handlebar in Greenville and could have been 100 of us if that many. Now he is a Grammy Award winner and has been on various late night shows. Here is an example.

I can’t leave out The The Mavericks are a band. That is all you say. They have no genre. Country, Tex Mex, Cuban, rockabilly, Latin. Who knows. They were on top of the country music world in the 90’s, broke up and got back together. One of the best “live” bands around.

It’s very hard to limit myself to 3 musicians, however I have to list this guy. Paul Thorn. This is a interesting guy. A ex boxer who fought Roberto (No Mas) Duran. Writes music about his life and he is very funny. There are many more I could list, The Revivalist,,Leon Bridges and Grace Potter

Thanks to the new coronavirus, our plans for the future, once so clear and reasonable, now seem hazy and improbable. Who knows when our kids will go back to school, or when we will be able to return to the office? Nobody can say how long dine-in restaurants will remain closed, or when we can finally meet friends for a much-needed drink. When will we be able to pray with our church family, throw a birthday party or go to a movie. Everyone says life will turn to normaI one day, I disagree. I think our lives are forever changed. Things changed after 911 and how we go about our everyday lives will change because of Covid19.

On the brightside, The coronavirus pandemic that has gripped the world “might prove I wasn’t crazy after all as some in my family may have thought. Nah, probably not

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