Easter 2020 Like No Other

Today is Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday. The start of Holy Week which starts today and last until April 11th. I always love the Easter season. This one however is unlike any we have ever experienced. A Easter where we will be left to our own devices as to how we will celebrate. I have had people tell me that Easter has been ruined because of Covid19. It will be different definitely but ruined? No, not hardly. In reality, the present crisis, with sickness, fear, isolation and even death I think actually heightens the significance of the message these holy days bring. As a planet, a country, a state and especially for us here in Greenville the fear of infection, isolation and suffering hopefully will lead to unity, healing, recovery and a renewed life.

The true meaning of Easter? As we look at our world in 2020 especially during this time it is hard to see a loving God in the midst of Covid19 and I admit I too have asked questions but I think that no matter how hopeless our lives may seem, Easter has a word of hope for us. God’s not dead, he is alive. Jesus’ resurrection has tremendous implications for all of us. He is risen means he is present, he is with you and that means hope and in that hope is where I go.

I wish you the best of Easter’s. Enjoy your family, enjoy your pets. Enjoy this life. It is precious.

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