A House Divided

I must have gotten triggered the other morning at 530 as I pulled into QT and saw a black guy, decked out with his Trump flags on his truck, wearing his Trump T-shirt, his MAGA hat. This young thirty something girl didn’t like it and was yelling at him, giving him that international middle finger sign of “go to hell.” I thought it was rather funny listening to a thirty something white girl throwing “Uncle Tom’s” bombs at a black dude and as the crowd gathered we found out his biggest sin was he was black and supporting Trump. Clearly he shouldn’t be doing that. I guess he should have been silenced.

At that point I realized 2020 is still with us, only now it is 2021. I have made a valiant effort to stay out of politics because honestly nobody cares about my opinion but here I am charging on, spouting, gas bagging my thoughts.

My optimism was a little premature when it came to the new year, I was hoping for a kinder, gentler age. Not a continuation of 2020. The events that happened 10 days ago made me see that 2021 maybe 2020 on steroids.

I was pissed off what I saw at the Capitol. I saw people who were doing the very thing they accused those on the left of doing. Surely they were not like those on the left who were destroying cities over the summer, burning and looting. They were not like the anarchist who tried to burn down a courthouse with government workers inside in Portland. Well guess what. They are the people that those on the left warned everyone about. I get sick when I think of the officer who died in the attack, the other officers who died and the lady who was shot by the officers. Senseless just senseless. I feel such a sadness for my country.

President Trump was wrong to wait so long to react. This like many other things in the last 4 years he has been slow to react on. The whole thing was irresponsible. These people entered the Capitol illegally. I also think we need to remember that there is a difference to those who marched peacefully and those who broke in. Like the George Floyd marchers the majority were peaceful. It was the knuckleheads that ruined the voices. This was the case in Washington as well. Nothing wrong with protesting and there is not a fine line between a protest and a riot. It is a big bright line that everyone should see. You do not cross that line. That line was crossed in DC.

It’s wishful thinking to assume that magically our country will come together when Donald Trump is no longer president. We will wake up the day after inauguration and there will Americans believing this country is systemically racist and will always be. The other half will still not believe this was a valid election and was stolen. This is a problem. A house divided, cannot stand.

I think that the future of America is cloudy at best. We are a country who is split down the middle. We don’t trust our institutions that we thought told us the truth. Now we think everything has a agenda and fake news is everywhere. Politics, science, law, media, nothing is to be trusted. That is a problem.

To make matters worse, in my opinion we now have a new level of censorship. Banning the President from Twitter and Facebook? There are those who say he had it coming but the floodgates have now been opened. Parler had millions of members, now they can’t communicate with each other. What does this say about Big Tech and the mainstream media. If you don’t believe my way we will silence you. You are conservative so therefore you will be silenced. I always though we need more communication not less. Especially when you are as divided as we are. There are those that think we can’t have another “Civil War”, I am of the opinion that we are already there.


One response to “A House Divided”

  1. Federal lawmakers (congress) need to concentrate on keeping the USA borders secure. Let states govern themselves. Federal laws do NOT need to control every aspect of the citizens lives. I am sick and tired of politics. Federal lawmakers need to be in their states 6-7 months of the year, not in Washington 365 days a year. 24 hr news stations need to just go away. We don’t need their opinions, report news.


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