Today is my wife Rebecca’s birthday. I’ll dispense with the age. She would never forgive me and truth be known she isn’t going to like the fact that I’m writing anything about her for the whole world to see but that is Rebecca.

We got married July 31st, 1999 at what was once St. Francis Episcopal Church. People often asked why I decided to get married later in life. My standard answer was I just got tired of people thinking I was gay. It was the hottest day on record ever in Greenville SC at a hellish 104 degrees. A record that still stands to this day. Rebecca was a beautiful bride especially with her make up running down her cheek. I actually thought it was tears but then I knew it wasn’t when she whispered words that I don’t recall her ever using before. She wasn’t too happy with water collecting on various parts of her body. It was a miserable day. The next day we flew in to Halifax, Nova Scotia where the temp was 64 degrees and Cape Breton, Nova Scotia was even cooler. I was in heaven.

I married up. I truly got the better end of the marriage thing. A beautiful woman, 10 years younger than me. I thought wow this will be a great first marriage. She only gets better with age. She on the other hand got a grumpy old man who was clearly a man child who couldn’t take care of himself.

Opposites do attract. We have very little in common. I think I realized that on the way to Asheville one weekend to see Steely Dan. Rebecca told me her favorite Steely Dan song was “Night Moves”. Someone should tell Bob Seeger. I love music, sports, books, photography, beer, cooking. Rebecca loves flowers, plants, yard work, wine and HGTV…….pretty much everything that I could do without but it works out. I cook, she cuts the grass.

Rebecca and I were friends for years before we were married. We “double dated”. She got to see first hand some of the wonderful ladies I went out with and I got to see the loser boyfriend she had for many years.

As I have gotten older I look as every day as a blessing especially when the C word enters your life. You tend to look at life differently and appreciate life more and what you have been blessed with. The biggest blessing has been my wife. Speaking of C words, Rebecca and I were at a restaurant with family one night, we had not been married that long. Somehow the conversation was about bad dates. We were all reminiscing and Rebecca chimed in with a wonderful ditty about the time a date called her the K word. She was laughing and we all had a dumbfounded looks because we had no idea what the K word was. She whispered in my ear you know……. Rebecca that’s not spelled with a K it’s a C. That’s classic Rebecca.

So Happy Birthday Rebecca. You are wonderful and this is also a fantastic opportunity to remind you that my birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks.

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