One Year Later

A year ago I jokingly wrote a blog about all the things that has happened to me on my birthday. With the last event being the pandemic starting depending on who you ask on the 13th of March. This year I can add the 2nd vaccine to the list.

We have learned alot about this insidious virus. I remember the early days Dr. Fauci telling us not to worry and saying we didn’t even have to wear a mask to now over 530,000 covid related deaths in this country and people getting in fights for not wearing masks. I’m not knocking him at all it’s the fact there are so many unknowns. Misinformation could be an honest mistake and the intentions are not to blatantly to mislead people. In my opinion disinformation campaigns, usually propagated for political gain by state actors, party operatives, or activists, deliberately spread falsehoods or create fake content. Don’t even get me started on the crap that social media spews. My favorite is Russian President Vladimir Putin releasing 500 lions in Moscow to persuade residents to stay indoors or Bill Gates using the vaccine to plant some sort of microchips for digital certificates to prove that we have been tested.

Welllllllll????????? I heard 2020 tell 2019 to hold its Corona and to watch this. He also said something about March. We found out what it was. I think I heard 2020 say that we would start a worldwide pandemic and let’s start it in America on that day in March, I think the 13th. You know that day that loser Miller who has crazy things happen to him on his birthdays. Pretty sure it is the 13th. 2019 and 2020 hoisted their Corona and BOOM!!!!!! We have a pandemic.

What have I learned this past year. Social media is really bad for you. What started off as a great idea, keeping up with friends and family has turned into a steaming, smelly, fly infested pile of sewage. That stupidity can spread faster than any virus.

I learned to rinse, wash and repeat and sanitize. I learned to rinse, wash and repeat and sanitize.I learned to rinse, wash and repeat and sanitize. I learned to rinse, wash and repeat and sanitize.I learned to rinse, wash and repeat and sanitize. I learned to rinse, wash and repeat and sanitize.

I learned that that Mick Jagger was singing about toilet paper when he belted those famous words: “You can’t always get what you want, you can try sometimes but you you just might find you get what you need.” Always have at least 2 weeks worth.

I learned that you can kill a man using a tiger and sardine oil, allegedly. Tiger King seems so long ago.

I learned that delivery drivers are heroes. Mail-delivery people are heroes. Grocery store employees are heroes. Nurses are heroes. Transit workers are heroes. Frontline workers are heroes. Any essential employee that has continued to go to work to make America move when the we were hunkered down in our homes Thank you.

I learned that athletes, actors and celebrities are non essential. I pretty much knew that one already.

I learned Edmund Oast is the best brewery in South Carolina and it’s not even close.

I learned that hoarding books makes perfect sense during a apocalypse.

I learned that take out fries will always be soggy

I learned that Chef Billy Parisi has great videos on You Tube.

I learned that John Prine will truly be missed. Now Jesus, he don’t like killing, no matter what the reason is for, and your flag decal won’t get you into heaven anymore.

I learned out of all the stupid things that I had done in my life, that if I just touched my face I could die.

Most of all I have learned that this has been another reminder that life is short, no one is going to live forever. I do not want to sound morbid, but it is the truth. But, for some reason many people act as if they will live forever. They exhaust valuable time and energy on things that do not matter. They worry about things they cannot control. Lay off the news and plant a garden.

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