When Did Catsup Become Ketchup And Other Life Mysteries

The older I get the more questions I have. I’m having difficulty in my old age understanding the world that I live in. I’ve always had questions. I think it started when as a youngster I noticed that Ketchup and Catsup were the same thing but spelled differently. Was it really the same? Is there a distinction? If there is no difference between the two………..why? Life is confusing enough.

Then there is the question why is there a Pelzer and West Pelzer SC. They are small towns located in Anderson Country. The happen to be right beside each other. Why? I knew the mayor of West Pelzer and she couldn’t even tell me.

Life is full of questions, idiots are full of answers.” Shane Cradock

My mind sometimes works in strange ways. Rebecca told me when I slammed on the breaks to keep from hitting a car that it “scared her half to death” which made me think if I do it again and it scares her half to death will she die? I was very careful after that.

The absurd has taken over our country. United States of America in 2022 is a weird place. Every day something happens that just sounds completely made up. We now deny sex and gender in this country. Men give birth, men menstruate. We now have birthing people. Help me out here.

“It’s a beautiful thing, the destruction of words.”
― George Orwell 1984

I question our leaders. “I’m for free speech, but not for hate speech”they say. Huh? By definition, free speech allows for hate speech. If it doesn’t, “free speech” means nothing more than speech with which one agrees. Please do not ever suppress our free speech. It is the only means we have to cull out the idiots.

I have questions with the American version of Christianity. Power-hungry Christians view their faith as a battle, a series of wins and losses. Control and influence is valued above all else, and Christianity’s success is measured by research, statistics, attendance not by how well we’re following Christ’s example. Joel Osteen is America’s pastor? Seriously? The Great Commandments are to love God and love our neighbor. It seems to me that much of the focus from the American pulpit has to do with individual fulfillment and satisfaction.

“Religion. It’s given people hope in a world torn apart by religion.”
Jon Stewart

There are so many questions. Some questions can never be answered because there are not any. Why are blackboards green. The “Big Ten” has twelve members. Why do Americans watch the Masked Singer. Why is Luke Bryan popular and why oh why do you drink, eat, bathe anything Pumpkin Spice.

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