F*** ‘EM

Back in 2003 a friend of mine and myself had this crazy idea to start a company. It was a huge step to take and for awhile it was rough. We lived off of credit cards and ate lots of pork and beans. There were times where we had wondered if we had done the right thing. I can remember one particular time my wife got a $1000 bonus. I took it to make payroll. She proceeded to cry and went to the bedroom. Tough times. Ultimately it worked out but not without some sleepless nights. Rebecca and I paid off our debt. Dave Ramsey would be proud.

I love writing. This blog is therapeutic. I know people hardly read it and especially if there is politics involved. I try not to get political but today I can not help myself. Pissed off is a understatement.

Today President Biden decided to transfer billions of dollars in outstanding student loans to me and to the men and women who work for me. Men and women who work their ass off, who have families of their own to support. Now they are on the hook for college loans that were spent by other people. Now we get to pay for Junior while he/she is working at Starbucks because of the choice that He/ She made when they decided to go college and major in one of these worthless degrees such as Art, Literature, Linguistic studies, Community Management, etc. They ran up massive amount of debt to get this worthless degree and it was just too much to pay for. So now he/she can’t pay back the debt on a Starbuck’s salary even though they are living with Mom and Dad. Our wonderful President has come to the rescue and decided that you and I should pay for their crappy choices even though I never graduated from college and those who did graduate with a degree that has actually prepared them for…..LIFE …….has to pay. President Biden has said F’***’EM!!.

As I stated earlier President Biden has said that any American who has college debt and an income under $125000 (or a family income under $250000) will be given up to $20000 by the taxpayers…..I mean the treasury…….you and I….. and everyone who pays taxes including the men and women who bust there ass for me and do their damn best to provide for themselves and there families. Now besides having to deal with inflation they have the extra burden of having to pay more to cover this seeping pile of excrement of his latest executive action.

Here are the facts. The nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget ran the numbers and found that under a plan very similar to Biden’s, we would return to $1.6 trillion in student loan debt—the current sum hanging over people’s heads—in just four years. That’s right: We’d very quickly be right back where we are today. Putting a band aid over a bullet hole in hopes that it will stop the bleeding.

So why is he doing this? The midterms months away and Democrats cratering in the polls. Votes, votes, votes. We will bribe the college kids for a few votes. We are the losers here. Responsible, law-abiding, taxpaying citizens who work hard, live within their means and diligently pay off their debts are the CHUMPS in Biden’s America. We are giving our money away to freeloaders, illegals and irresponsible losers who majored in things like drama or gender studies. While we watch inflation eat up our savings and paychecks, and our standard of living deteriorate, the Biden admihistration is figuring out new ways to steal more of our money so they can give “free stuff” to potential Democrat voters.

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