How Can You Have Your Pudding If You Don’t Eat Your Meat

The purpose of writing a blog is to come up with subjects that will draw interest from those who you are trying to reach. Maybe adding catchy little titles that will peak their interest. Pretty pictures could work. Maybe actually having a interesting subject to blog about. Sorry there is none of that here.

My grandmother mother raised me. She was both my father and my mother. She was quite the woman. A fisherwoman, sharp shooter, snake hunter, depression cooker, gardener and warden. She was born October 12th. Every year in her honor I prepare for breakfast the Livermush dish that I had numerous times when I was a “Chap”. For those wondering what a chap is…a child is a daughter or son; an offspring while chap is a man, a fellow. I don’t get it but my grandmother called us all “chaps”. I digress.

Livermush is actually a well-made, well-seasoned, liver-rich spread, just like many patés and terrines. It just happens to have these ingredients. Pork Broth, Pork Livers, Pork Heads, Cereals (Corn and Wheat Meal), Pork, Salt, Spices. Livermush is the “poor man’s pâté.”Now I don’t want everyone to get confused. You are thinking that these ingredients couldn’t be Livermush but Liver pudding. No, no, no! Not true. Liver pudding has caramel coloring and more cornmeal. Livermush does not. The only difference. Yeah you really thought you had me.

Livermush dish is cooked with, of course a cast iron skillet. The recipe is as follows because I know everyone reading this is wanting to try this gem. By the way Nesse’s is the Duke’s Mayonnaise of pork products. Also if you want Livermush, sausage, scrapple, c loaf or souse it has to be Nesse’s. Mince and sauté one onion. One block of Livermush. Fry it up realllllll good with the onion and scramble up a couple of eggs with the concoction. Make some grits and BOOM….a Livermush bowl. Thank me later.

Charcuterie boards seem to be the rage these days. Along with Pumpkin Spice, another thing I have yet to understand. I would love to see Livermush on a Charcuterie board. The puree of pig’s liver and spices bound with enough cooked cornmeal mush to make it moldable and sliceable sharing the board with the cheeses, meats, olives and the other crap that for some reason people are crazy over.

I’ve always had a fondness for Livermush as well as some other members of my family. Livermush hails from the great state of North Carolina, specifically a few rural counties in the western foothills where textile mills and furniture factories once hummed, places where workers needed a ready-made food that was tasty, affordable, and filling. Shelby, NC has the Mush, Music and Mutts livermush festival, where for a day each year, the downtown swells to 10,000 people seeking a big time and a little livermush. Can you say “Road Trip?”

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