Pick Up Your Lambo Keys And Follow Me

Living in Greenville SC it is hard not to listen to local or national news and not hear about Greenville Pastor John Gray of Relentless Church and the $200,000 anniversary gift he gave his wife.  In his defense Gray has said he has saved his money for years and drew on a variety of sources financially including his second book deal and the fourth season of The Book of John Gray, his Oprah Winfrey Network reality-TV show, to pay for the gift.   I also know the church is very involved in the community and does good things in the Greenville area however I also believe that the version of Christianity that John Gray, Joel Osteen, Steven Furick’s of the world  bloviate  are the very ones who have given American Christianity the black eye that it deserves.  If I was starving for religion and  walked into a religious buffett restaurant and I had the choice of anything I wanted, including American Christianity,  I would walk away hungry because there would be nothing that would appeal to me.  John Gray may be a good man but like he and the others it is all about the money. I have always thought pastors were like football coaches.  You would never see Dabo leave Clemson and go to Furman much like you would never see John Gray leave Relentless Church to go to my Church that has around 100 people on Sunday mornings. For some reason when the Lord speaks it is always a move upward and it’s always about the Benjamins. Pastor Gray asked “What is the big deal?” Their to me lies the problem.  He doesn’t know that it is a big deal.  He doesn’t understand that it is a big deal.  He can’t see that it is a big deal.  Besides, Jesus would have bought American.


So I Decided To Write A Blog

So I have decided to start a blog.  I have found out as I have gotten older that I enjoy writing.  It runs in the family, my grandmother and my mother wrote poetry and my grandmother journaled back before jouraling became popular. My brother has a blog and also has written several books, so now I guess it is my turn.  I can’t see myself writing a book and honestly I can’t see anyone really reading this blog so mostly it is for my own entertainment.  Call it therapy, I guess. Occasionally there may be something that someone in passing may find interesting and if that is the case, please tell me. I pondered for awhile on what to name this thing, because every blog has to have a catchy name.  I was listening to Dan Le Batard on ESPN radio and he speaks of all the gasbag coaches at press conferences who always talk but nothing ever comes out of their mouth. Perfect….. Much like myself, I talk all the time but nothing ever really comes out of my mouth.  “Reflections Of A Gasbag”  was born.    Merriam Webster defines gasbag as “a  person who talks too much, typically about unimportant things”.  Nuff said.  I will write about restaurants I visit, food which I consume, music that I listen to, places I have traveled and hope to travel to and culture in general. I will gasbag on some things that are important but mostly I’ll be gasbagging about things that aren’t.  Life is short and it gets shorter with every passing day.  Let’s enjoy it, laugh about it because there is so, so,  so much material to choose from.